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26 Nov 2018

Procurement Specialist

Job Description

Job Description

1. Job Title Procurement Specialist JobID#:132
Deadline: 09/12/2018
Category: Stream B, Level 1
City: Mogadishu,Somalia
Position(s): 1
Experiance: 7
Job Type: Procurement
Inistitution: Office of the Prime Minister
2. Summary
The procurement specialist will be technically responsible to lead a Technical Support Team (TST) (to be established by the Office of the Prime Minister) for the
overall preparation and updating the procurement plans of the project, the preparation of Bid/RFP Documents, the preparation and publishing procurement
opportunities, handle bid opening, the preparation of evaluation reports, the preparation of contract documents, responding to Bidder complaints, ensuring that
contract awards are published, monitor and contracts management, securing the requisite approvals from RSS/OPM and IDA, compilation of all procurement
data, and any other procurement related activities. He/she will manage the procurement activities of the project in strict compliance with: (i) the requirements of
the Agreement between the World Bank and the Federal Government of Somalia; (ii) the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) for this project. Duties and
Responsibilities; under the overall supervision of the Project Coordinator the Procurement Specialist will be responsible for the following duties and
3. Duties
The Project Procurement Specialist shall do everything necessary to meet the above objectives, including but not limited to carrying out the following tasks: 1)
Provide advice and ensure that all the procurement activities of the project conform and are compliant with the Project Implementation Manual and World Bank
Procurement Guidelines;
2) Initiate, coordinate and prepare Procurement Plans (PPs) for procurement under the project;
3) Establish a simplified Procurement Tracking System for the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) at the Office of Prime Minister (OPM) for monitoring of the project
procurement activities;
4) Update the General Procurement Notices (GPN) annually, and Specific Procurement Notices (SPN), and Expression of Interests (EOI) when required;
5) Provide procurement advice to the PCU on all aspects of Terms of Reference (TOR) and Request for Proposals (RFPs), evaluation of Expression of Interest
(EOI) and Technical and Financial Proposals for selection of Consultants for Technical Assistance;
6) Prepare Bidding Documents for the procurement of goods and services in accordance with activities defined in the Procurement Plan for the project using the
World Bank’s Standard Bidding Documents, prepare Project customized Bidding Documents and Request for Proposals (RFP). This should include customized
NCB documents and standardized Forms to be used for Shopping Methods;
7) Handle communications relating to procurement within the project with all the agencies of government and sector ministries under the project and with
outside agencies, as well as with the World Bank team working on the PSCIIP;
8) Ensure that complete documentation is maintained on all procurement cases;
9) Coordinate and respond to procurement queries, disputes, and complaints;
10) Prepare Bid/Proposal Evaluation Reports and Award Recommendations for approval by the Procurement Committee or appropriate approving body;
11) Prepare Requests for Noobjection
for the World Bank for stages of procurement activities as required by Bank Guidelines;
12) Provide contract management oversight for Works and Consultancy Services Contracts;
13) Establish a performance monitoring database for all suppliers and consultants, and ensure timely updates of the system;
14) Establish a central procurement filing system, and ensure all related documents are included in the respective files;
15) Coordinate preparation of post procurement reviews by the Bank and in Bank supervision missions;
16) Liaise with EAFS and the State Tender Board (once established) on project procurement and any issues affecting procurement in the project;
17) Carry out any other periodic duties that may be assigned by the Project Coordinator;
18) Build procurement management capacity in the Office of the Prime Minister (FGS) and implementing agencies through training, on the job coaching and
mentoring of procurement staff and technical staff involved in procurement processes;
19) Develop training plans and deliver short training sessions to staff from the Office of the Prime Minister and implementing agencies;
20) Provide guidance and technical support to the EAFS on reporting requirements for the CIP Project;
21) Provide any other procurement supporting duties as may be required by the Coordinator in the project coordination unit.
Key Deliverables • Procurement Management system of the project
• Annual procurement plan
• Set procurement targets of beneficiary institutions
• Reports on procurement training of staff responsible for procurement activities in beneficiary institutions
• Quarterly consolidated performance report on procurement
• Monthly, quarterly and annual work plans of position

4. Key Qualifications
The Project Procurement Specialist should have the following minimum Qualifications:
a) Master’s Degree in one of the following: Procurement, supply chain management, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, and Engineering etc.
b) An advanced degree with a major in a relevant discipline is an added advantage
a) A minimum of at least 7 years of direct relevant experience including broad expertise in the management of procurement in the public sector.
b) Minimum of at least 3 years of experience in implementing procurement actions according to international organizations guidelines such as the World Bank,
African Development Bank etc. for procurement of goods, services, and works.
c) Proven work experience on country procurement systems and procedures
d) Experience working in Somalia is desirable.
e) Excellent computer skills for Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and Internet use.
f) Fluency in English and Somali; excellent written and oral communication skills.
g) Highlevel
interpersonal and relationshipbuilding
5. Requirements
Language: Reports and other documents shall be submitted in English and Somali when required. Reporting and Other Deliverables The Procurement Specialist
will be directly reporting to the Project Coordinator. He/she will be the team leader for the project procurement function and the Technical Support Team (TST)
and will work closely with Procurement Officers from implementing agencies, the line ministries and other technical officers responsible for project activities.
He/she will also work closely with the EAFS unit under the Accountant General. It is expected that, by working closely with procurement staff in the Office of the
Prime Minister and line ministries, departments and agencies and the national Procurement Board of the government (if it exists), the consultant transfers his/her
skills, and ultimately ensures that counterparts are fully capacitated to perform procurement activities.


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